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get meeting space anywhere with gooto.

Launched in 2017, gooto is the first platform to offer quick and easy bookings for meetings in public places. Search for cafes and restaurants, book a table via our site or your own calendar so your meetings can start on time, every time.

Our mission

get meeting space anywhere with Gooto.

gooto is helping sales managers, small business owners and start ups get the table they want, at the venue they want and when they want.
We want to empower business people to spend time building relationships than wasting it on arranging a suitable meeting spot.
In 2018, we’ll launch across the world: from New York, London and Paris to Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore.

How gooto works

get meeting space anywhere with Gooto.

We partner with cafes and restaurants to provide, searchable and seamless booking for meet ups. Every venue is handpicked: we only partner with locations that understand and can cater to the needs of a modern mobile professional.

Our expertise

get meeting space anywhere with Gooto.

Our founder and CEO, Alexander Dang, started gooto after he saw how much time he wasted finding ideal venues when he was Head of Client Services at Cashwerkz. Following regular meetings with banking partners and financial planners, he realised that putting serious thought and preparation into finding the right meeting location both strengthened business relationships and had a positive effect on meeting outcomes.
Alex has delivered projects for companies over 15 years in banking and finance, commodities, risk and regulatory services, utilities and food industries. He has worked with teams in UK, USA, India, Ukraine, Switzerland, Belgium, the Philippines and more. With his experience, he knows how to deliver business benefits through implementing technology: and that’s where gooto starts.
Contact Alex to get started with gooto, and find out more about the project.

To our partners and supporters

Thank you for coming on the journey. We love your work!

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